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Icon battle

→ Both participants choose a theme and 15 photos related to the theme and crop them. The cropped and original uncropped photos are sent to your partner. Then the partner makes icons of the cropped photos you sent and crops the same originals you sent and sends the cropped pictures for you to make icons of along with her the originals of the pictures she chose and the cropped versions of them. You still need to crop the original's she sent and send them to your partner.
This should make 30 icons in total, 15 chosen by the each of you. Basicly you just make icons of pictures you r partner cropped for you.
→ No voting system. This is just for fun.
→ The base//layout of the outcome should be something like this, but you can make your own versions too.

I think that the most effort this thing needs is the coding. There should probably be a layout for this somewhere along with the original rules but I lost that entry. TT__TT
This was actually quite fun. When taking the icons please credit both rabu_parade & bloodytheory not matter which icon you're taking. You can probably find this same post at powderysnow.

+ Comments are appreciated, especially if taking, but not necessary.
+ Remember to credit both bloodytheory & rabu_parade.

Tags: ! icons, ♫ 2ne1, ♫ 4minute, ♫ f(x), ♫ ft island, ♫ mblaq, ♫ miss a, ♫ shinee, ♫ snsd, ♫ ss501, ♫ super junior, ♫ wonder girls
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